Ref #: 25729

Employment type: Freelancer - Full-Time

Location: US - West Coast

Posted: 10-Dec-2020


One Sponsor:
You have an opportunity to gain experienced with the regional and global project teams, processes and systems as you will be working with the same team, one set of SOPs and training. Keep in mind that these are Phase I COVID vaccine studies.

When you join the CRA team, you will have a 4-week on-boarding program, which will include 1:1 coaching by your FSP line manager and trainer to ensure a really strong introduction to the program. Ongoing training to up-skill you and help develop expertise in many areas is a key program focus.

Complex and Innovative Trials
You will get the opportunity to work on high profile COVID studies. We support the CRAs on these projects with a tailored training program, which includes COVID and Vaccines training program developed in partnership with our sponsor.

Who would be suitable for these roles?
Please be aware that as a COVID studies, the use of PPE will be required and will be provided.
Expect to be on site 12-14 days per month.
Solid CRAs with 3-5 years monitoring experience. Vaccine experience preferred but not required if they are strong Pharma monitors.
Ideally, you will have CRA experience in US and have current working rights in United States.
This is also a full time, Freelance role with contracts ending on December 31st, 2020.