Ref #: 33690

Employment type: Permanent - Full-Time

Location: Brazil

Posted: 19-Nov-2021



•* Responsible for training new Contracts & Grants Payments Coordinators.
•* Responsible for training study teams in regards to payment support that can be provided and the specific processes.
•* Responsible for the organization and distribution of weekly and monthly payment reports to the Contracts & Grants Payments Coordinators.
•* Facilitates the collection of data in order to provide metrics on a quarterly basis to management.
•* Responsible for the creation of country-specific visit templates in CTMS for applicable countries.
•* Responsible for the application of site-specific visit schedules in CTMS for applicable countries.
•* Create study-specific Total Contract Value and PO calculators utilizing CTMS, CTAs and interactions with CGAs, LTMs and SMs.
•* Create, maintain, and close-out site-specific purchase requisitions in the local Ariba system, utilizing the study-specific PO calculator, CTAs and CTMS for US sites.
* Rectify failed payments, as appropriate
•* For the OUS, collect country-specific Financial Exhibits in order to create visit templates in CTMS.
•* Collect site-specific fully negotiated financial exhibits for all sites participating in each country in order to apply site-specific CTMS visit schedule.
•* Track and follow-up on status of both country-specific and site-specific financial


* Bachelor’s degree in appropriate scientific or business discipline
* Experience and/or equivalent competencies in pharmaceutical industry/clinical research
* Must have a working knowledge of the clinical payment processing with payment experience
* Excellent communication skills (both oral and written)
* Familiarity with healthcare compliance and other relevant guidance (HIPAA, FCPA, Safe Harbor, etc.)is preferred
* Working knowledge of PCs (MS Office suite at a minimum)
* Fluency in English is required