Ref #: 33827

Employment type: Permanent - Full-Time

Location: Russia Moscow

Posted: 19-Nov-2021


Nature and scope of Main accountabilities
• Trial Support & Systems
• Superuser of iNNvoice system
• Coordinator of ICE, eProCure, ClinCost
• Preparing of contracts with the sites, investigators and other vendors, connected to clinical trials
• Preparing acts of transfer and acceptance for clinics and investigators in iNNvoice system

• Processing of invoices for payment.
• Control of payments in clinical projects by maintaining relevant sections in iNNvoice system, control of invoices, other financial documents go from other vendors, maintenance of relevant files, logs and databases
• Negotiating contracts & project specific budgets with vendors, other communication with vendors
• Control of clinical trials related finance transactions by running and analysing reports from SAP
• Considering issues with corporate and external legal& compliance in Clinical, participation Finance and GIA audits
• Uploading contracts to CMS system, creation of Confidentiality Agreements and contracts in CMS system.
• Processing of requests for leasing of equipment.
• Assist in preparation of CT documentation upon requests from managers and CRAs.
• Assist in organization internal and external meetings/events.
• Follow business ethics principles and local legislation while contact with stakeholders.
• Follow all company’s policies and procedures.
• Follow quality of the company.
• Meetings & Communication
• Communication within Clinical Operations and other departments within the area of responsibility
• Ensure confidentiality of internal information obtained in connection with job responsibilities, including information that may harm the Company, its reputation, its customers or other employees
• Besides the above mentioned responsibilities, he should perform the tasks of the direct executives, as well as other responsibilities designated by the Company's internal regulations
• Perform job responsibilities of other employees of the department partially or entirely during their leave or illness based on the assignment of the executive
• Comply with the requirements of the Russian and applicable international legislation relating to the activities of the Company, including but not limited by the requirements of Federal Law No. 61-FZ dated 12.04.2010 "On circulation of medicines" and Federal Law No. 323-FZ dated 21.11.2011 "On the fundamentals of health safety of the citizens in the Russian Federation."
• Timely report on the events organized or financed by the Company with a focus on increasing professional level of medical staff or providing information related to medicines’ safety monitoring, where the initiator of the Company’s participation is the employee itself or the subordinated employees. The report must be provided to the person responsible for informing the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) about such events and posting information on the official website of the Company according to the Company’s procedure
• Effectively perform cross functional work with the employees from the other departments
• Properly keep work documentation and correspondence, as well as read e-mails on regular basis and respond to the work related messages in a timely manner
• Follow the corporate policy and behaviour style while working in a "team" with the other employees of the Company
• Provide to the executive the financial reports on administrative and hospitality expenses (including corporate card expenses) on a mmonthly basis
• Inform the pharmacovigilance employee about all customer’s claims and other product’s safety information within 24 hours
• Strictly comply with all local regulations, corporate procedures and policies of the Company in the actual version, including the rules of the Novo Nordisk’s Business Ethics Compliance Framework and the addendums to it mentioned in the aforementioned document
• Follow the Company's quality system requirements
Administrative working experience in companies, preferred with clinical research pharma industry